Welcome to Confectionery factory «SlaSti»

We produce different types of chocolate glazed candies, fondant candies, hard-candies, mini drops, marshmallow souffle, dragee & sherbet. Due to combined efforts of the team of the factory and our business partners, the consumers can get good-quality products at an affordable price.

Since new investors came in 1999, the factory is being annually upgraded and constantly expands its assortment. In 2017 we confirmed the certification according to the international standard ISO 22000:20056, which guarantees high level of quality and safety of our products.

Our goods are now delivered to almost every region of Russia including Siberia and Far East. We also have distribution contracts in nearby countries and Europe and gradually increase the number of our clients.

We want to thank our business partners and customers for their trust and support and wish you success and prosperity!

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16a, Golosova street, Togliatti, Samara region

445035 Russian Federation

Sales department

e-mail: zakaz@slasti.com

+7 (8482) 759700 ext. 117